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Baggage preparation


1, backpack / trunk. The longer the journey is, the better way to go on foot is to prepare a large backpack, and it's better to have a backpack system. In a few days when Yubeng equipment needs its own back in the back. Luggage is best prepared for a small money, Just a few minutes of walk to the famous hong kong victoria harbour and shopping centres from GuangDong Hotel. Our Precious guest also can easily access to all major transportations.or Lijiang stone road will teach you a minute.


2, shoes. The importance of shoes should be greater than backpacks, because it is most directly related to your personal safety. It must be anti slippery shoes or hiking shoes. You can also bring a pair of words to drag, or small white shoes and so on, can match a variety of clothing shoes, take pictures.


3, underwear. Must be long trousers, preferably waterproof. Recommend assault pants or fast dry underwear. Lijiang morning and evening temperature difference is big, October morning may wear a coat, at noon may be short sleeved or unlined upper garment.


4 underwear. Close fitting clothes are advised not to wear cotton.


5, hat. A wide brimmed hat is better, not only for shading, but also for rain.


6 sunglasses. Sunshade need, install powerful tool.JAMA


7, toiletries. Yubeng in inn is a lot of towels and toiletries are provided, and the inside of the shop is very expensive, so take it.


8, sunscreen, lipstick. Outdoor sunlight strong, windy, must be brought!


9, raincoat. The weather in Yunnan is so changeable that we may have a chance of rain on the way, so we have a raincoat that will relieve us from the rain.


10, drugs. To have the following drugs: Huoxiangzhengqi water, active oil / safflower oil, cool oil / oil Yunnan Baiyao (powder, spray), astemizole, alcohol, Erythromycin Ointment, gauze, bandage, bandage + Snake, cold medicine.


11. Photographic equipment. SLR, lens, three tripods. The availability of the best memory card, I took photos of 82G back;


12, documents. ID card, other documents.


The first day in Lijiang


Lijiang is the first stop in Yunnan, and it is also one of the most beautiful ancient towns in the legend. The legend of the beautiful place to go a lot, but the so-called beauty, after coming back, all belong to that kind of regret, go to a more regrettable mood. Lijiang is not the same in every population, people sigh of her beauty, anxious about the plane died here; some people disapprove of her strong business atmosphere, they would never again set foot. But is it true that Lijiang, you see, is what she really looks like? As a person who has been to four times, it is recommended that you put aside any impression of her before you go, and use your heart to feel. The most important key word is: slow down. Lijiang is a slow City, and Lijiang is a way of life. In Lijiang, time is not used to calculate, but to forget, Lijiang morning quiet and leisurely, let us all these days bear the city's noisy and noisy, chaotic and pressure baptism people envy.



We are the first time to go to Lijiang and live free post, it is my old friend, Yu fly, all travel plans at the time of the Lijiang section is made up of my old friend Yu fly to help develop, he is ten years old professional outdoor. Lijiang is also the founder of free life coaching, we went to Lijiang and lived in his house the natural feature of B & B. Especially in a small courtyard in feel, our room is on the two floor. The courtyard is very big and very sunny, coffee shop, special petty, a big bookshelf filled with travel book, only a dozen rooms in the hostel, every detail of the room, is to spend a lot of thoughts, it is amazing. It includes home - made shampoo, off - shoes, heated clothes hanger, and cosmetic bag that can carry toothpaste toothbrush. To free fruit, afternoon tea, supper, reflects the home of the business philosophy. Hotel decoration style embodies the idea of building a Chinese and Western, and westernization, fashion aesthetic feeling is very prominent. The two floor is mainly the Chinese wind, highlighting the characteristics of the local Naxi people. There are several rooms, except for the standard room, the large room, and a few suites, there is a small duplex, more suitable for a child's family.  Breakfast is very rich for every guest. And close to the trunk of the ancient city, very busy.




In the morning, when the warm sun shines in the hut, you don't need an alarm clock, and you wake up. Stretching, cool air, instantly become sober. Lijiang is a slow paced city, and anyone who comes here will be calm and lazy. Walking on the slate Road, the dew was not dry last night, making the road a little wet, the sun pulled our shadow very long, as if the time has been pulled very long and long. Most of the shops on the road are not open, and three of the three wells along the side of the road are squatting or sitting and grooming. Each of the three wells in Lijiang is a series of pools, which are used for drinking, washing and washing in turn. The beautiful Naxi girl washed his long hair with cold water, drew several tourists to stop and take photos, and the locals saw much more and ignored and looked down upon the curious eyes behind him. Walking in Old Town of Lijiang, there are always two kinds of people disturb your thoughts, one is to ask you need not charter travel, suggest you ignore, most will be a lot of additional costs of travel; one is Naxi nationality aunt asked you want to plait color braid. Usually 10 yuan and 2, if you get up early, some grandmothers can do 10 yuan 6. If you want to shoot a little local style photos, suggest or edit it.

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